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The golem doesn't react to my presence, examine doesn't do anything and when i try to leave, it says I require a key to use the portal! Apparantly Geralt is supposed to say something before he goes through the portal but mine doesn't.

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The same thing happen to me. And basically you get stuck in there having to load a previous save game. I gave the mage the book and after he got the barrier down he doesn't move. No way to progress. Mage doesn't move once he lowers the barrier.

Overnight GWEN Tower. Came out of nowhere

I have the same problem as OP. Golem just stands there, no mage in sight, 2 bodies which I can interact with but it does nothing. Had the same problem. It seems that if Geralt does not say his dialogue, or the tower 'security system' does not say any of it's dialogue, that either the golem remains stationary, or you can't interact with the mage once you lower the barrier. I had to reload a save from before entering the tower to get it to work. Quest is still bugged for me even after the 1. I had the same problem.

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In the exact moment when I was ready to load old save the issue was resolved by itself, i was just standing and did nothing. Papadipupi View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by TheAga Managed to get past this point in the end, as soon as he began to remove the barrier i literally ran straight into the middle of the room practically where the golem is standing still when you first enter and luckily enough the cutscene began and wa sable to carry on. M crobyte View Profile View Posts.

Mine is even worst. I am stuck at "Enter the tower. I am also unable to interact with any of the objects inside. I ended up loading an earlier save and ignoring this one all together.

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Originally posted by Ravenolution:. Granis View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Granis ; 10 Jun, Angelus View Profile View Posts. I've managed to get it to work!

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When I was going through the portal there was no voice or anything and the golem would not aggro on me, there is a very simple fix for this. Re-load an old save, then run back to the tower. When you get there the door to the tower should be already open, simply close the door and open it again.

That's all, when you open the door and walk into the portal everything should be working fine.


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